Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

KP Labs is a NewSpace company based in Poland. We support deep space exploration with enhanced spacecraft autonomy, technologies including hyperspectral imaging instruments and high-efficiency Data Processing Units.

Our key products are:

  • Intuition-1 Satellite – The objective of the Intuition-1 mission is to perform Earth observation using a satellite equipped with a hyperspectral optical instrument and an on-board computer allowing for advanced data processing through convolutional neural networks. The mission launch is planned for the beginning of 2022.
  • Zebra X1 – Zebra X1 is a lightweight, hyperspectral imager that can:
    • Capture pictures in a wavelength of 470 to 900 nanometers
    • Record 150 channels with a rate of 65 frames per second

    Thanks to re-engineered multi-band sunshine sensor Zebra X1 fully automatizes light detection and allows to take images in changeable weather conditions. Built-in lenses – hyperspectral and monochromatic – help you to track objects on the ground easily and make the process of creating data cubes more reliable and foolproof. Additionally, Zebra X1 is equipped with one of a kind remote focusand exposure time tuning system, which allows adjusting those parameters on-fly without a need of landing.

  • Leopard DPU – Leopard is a Data Processing Unit which enables mission designers to:
    • Apply Artificial Intelligence solutions in nano and small satellites.
    • Support the capturing, managing and processing of data in orbit.

    Leopard redefines the current approach to remote sensing. Now, instead of sending huge, unprocessed sets of data to ground stations, Leopard uses Deep Neural Networks to process data on-board and therefore only sends the most important and valuable insights to the ground. By reducing the time and cost of data transfer and processing, it enables you to focus on a rapid response to any detected phenomena.

 Our company is a team of new technology enthusiasts who do not think that the sky is the limit.