Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

Ecotoneis a leading-edge technology company within the new field of Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging – UHI. Our vision is to unlock the treasure trove of concealed data by delivering turn-key systems for hyperspectral imaging under water.

A combination of precision optics, tough mechanical construction, a database of spectral signatures and advanced software make UHI a unique product. We are the only provider of this type of technology, now patented in 15 countries.
Scientists and commercial customers have used UHI to date for such purposes as monitoring coral and sponge habitats.

A number of new applications are being launched. Main areas of application cover Oil & Gas (environmental mapping of seabed, sediment mapping and pipeline- and subsea installation inspection), Aquaculture (environmental footprint mapping of sea farms and automatic counting of sea lice) and Marine Minerals mapping. In addition, Ecotone delivers complete UHI systems for a variety of scientific purposes –Scientific UHI. These may be tailormade to the clients specification.

UHI is delivered with different depth rating, up to 6 000m. Additional equipment options include motion sensor, video camera, extra data storage (up to 2TB storage) and mounting brackets. UHI is typically installed on a ROV, however other systems (towing units, diver solutions, AUV and lander) can also be used.