Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

L3Harris Geospatial is the world leader in image science software and supporting technologies. Our products have helped scientists explore space, see the human body in new ways, and understand the world around them. Today, our customers rely on our in-depth knowledge of advanced geospatial analytics, big data management technologies, and remotely sensed data, along with a highly turned process for applying deep learning to deliver value across a variety of industries.

ENVI is the definitive leader in spectral image processing with tools to analyze multi and hyperspectral data including spectral target detection and identification. These tools are based on established, scientific methods for spectral analysis – using pixel responses at different wavelengths to obtain information about the materials within each pixel.

ENVI spectral tools can detect targets, calculate vegetation and forest health, map materials of interest and much more. They are used to measure marine debris and pollution, analyze wildlife habitats, map oil slicks, evaluate water quality, mitigate wildfires, detect methane leaks, identify minerals, map vegetation health and assist with many Defense and Intelligence applications.

There are interactive capabilities found exclusively in ENVI including spectral library support and workflows that are needed to process hyperspectral data. ENVI’s spectral algorithms have been peer-reviewed, tested and ultimately proven by the remote sensing community over several decades.

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