September 24-26 2019 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GreenTropism is an innovative French company specialized in embedded software for spectral data easy to embed, precise and robust in the field of mass market and industrial spectroscopy. Its software allows predictive models to analyze organic matter instantly and to bring reliable results for all kind of applications.
DeepGreen is our software suite that enables real-time non-destructive testing of sample material. DeepGreen mobilizes a technology deployable across several sample-material testing tools (spectroscopy as UV, Vis, NIR, Raman, LIBS, and multi-and hyperspectral imaging and more) to execute qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic products, from raw feedstock to processed material.

My GT proposes two service offerings: GT-Index, which enables you to better benchmark spectrometers and to have an independent scoring of the applicative performance of the apparels and GT-Custom, which offers custom consultancy geared to getting your spectral analysis development projects up and running.