Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

Superelectric is a company focused in the development of custom sensors for Environment Monitoring. Since 1998 Superelectric started the development of its airborne IMAGING SPECTROMETER platforms. In 2001 the Italian National Agency for Environment Monitoring granted Superelectric for the development of an innovative multispectral system for the discovery of hidden waste depots. In 2017 Superelectric completed the development of its SystemONE M12T imaging spectrometer for UAV platform. Today SystemONE M4T and M12T VIS-NIT-TER imaging spectrometers integrates multicore processing systems for AI on board processing. In 2022 Superelectric introduces its Hyperscan 360° sensor for criticl infrastructure monitoring.

SystemONE Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging Spectrometers are specifically designed to be integrated on UAV and General Aviation platforms with a minimum integration impact thanks to their light weight (from 0,8 to 2Kg) and dimensions.

SystemONE M4T and M12T VIS-NIR-TER imaging spectrometer allows up to 6Tb on-board storage capabilities for up to 12 narrow band (10nm) configurable bands in VIS-NIR range and one Thermal (7-14 micron) channel; acquired data are available in multiband GeoTIFF format with automatic radiometric and geometric calibration. MIR option is available. SIM, a dedicated APP for mission control and data display, is also available for an easy management of mission data.