Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

Spectro Expo 2019

340 registered individuals and over 20 exhibiting companies

2 scientific conferences has been colocated with Spectro Expo 2019

The 10th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing : Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS 2019).

2nd Symposium on Short Wave Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy (SwIImS)

Hands on sessions from our exhibitors

Hyperspectral field measurements made portable: Hands on session by Headwall

Attendants were proposed a real field hyperspectral measurement and go through the post-processing steps of a datacube acquired by the latest portable sensor by Headwall Photonics.

The main characters of this sensor are its portability and its flexibility of use in the field. The topics of lens focusing, sensor optimization, scan speed settings, radiometric and reflectance conversions has been covered and extensively explained to the auditors. The session started in the field where was acquired data, and moved to a room to look at the acquired data-cube.

perClass Mira: The easiest way to interpret
spectral images in minutes

Hands-on interpretation of spectral images using machine learning with perClass

In this lab session organized by perClass, was done hands-on exercises with practical use-cases such as :

  • pixel classification using machine learning (plant disease, remote sens-
    ing terrain classification)
  • object detection (foreign object detection)
  • object classification (grading food products)
  • object quality with regression modeling (e.g. sugar content estimation)

Participants could installed perClass Mira on their own laptops and were encouraged to bring their own data.

Exhibitors and Sponsors in 2019

Spectral Evolution
Hytech Imaging
L3 Harris Geospatial
Senop Oy
Malvern Panalytical
Silios Technologies
Lynred / Resolution
IMP Open

Social Events


Attendees could enjoy great time on monday evening at the icebreaker in the exhibiting hall.

Meals and coffee breaks

Attendants were invited to a nice meal each noon in the exhibition hall, as well to two coffee breaks and one welcoming breakfast per day served by the Beurs Van Berlage special team

Attendees could also enjoy some typical bakery made in front of them called the “Poffertjes”. Delicious local pancakes to enjoy at the break !