Sep 13 - 16 2022 | Rome, Italy

Senop Oy is a forerunner in electro-optical solutions by providing advanced sensor technology and system platforms. Our optronic portfolio consists of high performance CCD/CMOS and IR as well as hand-held/UAV hyperspectral cameras. We manufacture and provide also OEM multichannel and LED-modules as well as miniature spectrometers and customized high precision optical components.

Our new Senop Hyperspectral Camera HSC-2 is a frame-based spectral system providing snapshot images in VNIR spectral range with hundreds of narrow 5-10 nm FWHM bands. It is the only snapshot device on the market providing only true image pixels with 1Mpixel resolution. No interpolation is used. The frame-based approach enables easy image stitching for the mosaics with high resolution images. In addition, the approach doesn’t need IMU for its operations. The HSC-2 has been tested with a wide variety of platforms in several application areas such as agriculture, forestry and water research. The camera system is very flexible, enabling handheld and laboratory use with laptop as well.