Mar 24 - 26 2021 | Online meeting

Harris Geospatial Solutions is the world leader in image science software and supporting technologies. Our products have helped scientists explore space, see the human body in new ways, and understand the world around them. Today, our customers rely on our in-depth knowledge of advanced geospatial analytics, big data management technologies, and remotely sensed data, along with a highly turned process for applying deep learning to deliver value across a variety of industries.

ENVI is the industry’s leading image science software that enables users to extract actionable information from geospatial data to make more informed decisions. Businesses and organizations choose ENVI because it integrates with existing workflows, supports today’s most popular sensors, and can easily be customized to meet unique project requirements.

ENVI is a full-featured image processing package with specific tools to handle hyperspectral data including spectral detection and identification coupled with user interactive capabilities. The processing algorithms in ENVI that are geared toward hyperspectral imagery have been tested and ultimately proven in the community for many years. Where ENVI doesn’t have the exact algorithms that a user needs, the flexibility of IDL and the ENVI API enables users to develop custom routines and applications that can then be integrated with the ENVI application.