September 24-26 2019 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cubert, was one of the first companies to help pioneer snapshot hyperspectral imaging. In 2011, Cubert hit new paths in the field of hyperspectral imaging when presenting the first high-resolution hyperspectral snapshot camera. Since this time, Cubert’s technological basis has rapidly evolved. Today our snapshot imaging spectrometers are ranging from multispectral cameras to high precision hyperspectral cameras. The uniqueness of these cameras is the capacity to provide and to analyze hyperspectral data in near real-time.

When looking at the applications hyperspectral cameras are used for we see a high variety. Precision farming, punctual disease identification and resource mapping are of an increasing interest in agriculture and forestry. Mounted on a UAV, the S185 provides quick data that can easily be analyzed without the need of pre-processing. Water quality monitoring, documentation of land contamination, urban planning and soil composition are of high value for sustainability management. Within the last years, we also recognized an increasing interest in industrial applications, such as material identification and surface analyses. Cubert’s snapshot cameras provides a powerful technology to analyze the data in all of these applications in a time-saving and most efficient manner.