September 24-26 2019 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hytech-imaging is a French company dedicated to the development of the uses of spectral imaging.

We provide an expert, global scale, service for the acquisition of spectral data (FlySpec service), from aircraft or UAV, with a spatial resolution ranging from 3cm to 2m. Our processing lines and our experimented team ensure the delivery of quality controlled data (orthorectified radiance and reflectance) using state of the art spectral sensors and processing solutions.

On the other side, our post-processing and analysis service (Hyp-analytics) enables extracting valuable information from this data, as well as from spectral satellite data. Our product catalog includes not exhaustively :

– Benthic and Bathymetric maps (‘B-maps’), included coral, sea grass and algea maps, bioindicators.

– Water quality maps

– Oil slick thickness and state maps

– Forestery maps

In addition, we provide R&D expertise suitable for the development of new application of the spectral imaging and for new sensors simulation/design.